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On the Sea

The Group’s 2019/2020 Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday, 20 October 2019 with a good attendance of Life Members, Volunteers and social members.

Elected Committee Members are:

Office Bearers:

  • Commander  – Chrissy Heu
  • Deputy Commander  – Dennis Troup
  • Secretary  – Dolly Lucas
  • Treasurer  – Carla Reger


Mike Cockburn (Bosun), Margaret Bown, Thomas Clendenning, Wayne Harston, Robin Randall and Ian Stiles.   Congratulations to all elected Members. We would like to thank our outgoing Treasurer, Sharon Stiles, Bosun, Ian Stiles and Committee Member, Gail Pennington for their outstanding support, hard work and commitment.   Sincere thanks also to Mr Ron Snook, Life Member for chairing the meeting over the nominations. Wayne Harston was presented with a 10 year Outstanding Service Award. Lindsay Doney received a 30 year Outstanding Service Award and Certificate.  Congratulations to both Lindsay and Wayne and thank you again for your ongoing support and dedication with our Group. At the conclusion of the AGM we were treated to delicious and plentiful catering with an “Oktoberfest” theme supplied by Family Affair Cafe.    A huge thank you to Ash, Sue and Staff.   

The following is a summary of crew deployment and training for the past 12 months (October 2018 to present): 

Rescue 1 “Crikey” deployed 66 times.

Rescue 2 (Zodiac) deployed 10 times.

Responded to:


Flares   6

Standbys 11

Tow Ins 18

Overdues 25

Community Promotions   – 3

Training Conducted:

Training sessions in the Tower 27

Training sessions on the Rescue Boats 25

Training Emergency Service Cadets sessions   7


  • Seamanship 1 and 2
  • Sea Survival 1 and 2
  • Radio courses   – 6

We would like to acknowledge the expertise Robin Randall has bought to the radio courses and his enthusiasm and knowledge in our boating deployments and training.  Ted Bown has been a great help also in training the Emergency Service Cadets. Thank you both. A huge thank you also to Ian Stiles for conducting the training sessions.  

The Blue Knights Australia Motor Cycle Club Chapters 1 and 4 and ESMA / Jacks are former/current Police Officers who ride together to raise money for Police Legacy and other charities. They are attending the Marine Rescue Building on Sunday, 17th November at 10.00 am to present a cheque to our Group.   The public are most welcome to attend this event.

Our Group monitors the radios 24 hours a day / 7 days a week (either at the Tower or through home bases).   Stay safe out there on the ocean. Take 30 seconds and LOG ON WITH US.   It is free!  Not only does it provide you with peace of mind, but also your Family and loved ones will know that you are being looked after.  Most importantly it will allow us to locate you quickly should an emergency arise.

A reminder to all Boaties:  If logging off for the day, after 1600 hours (4.00 pm), please remember to do so outside the Marina.   This provides a better radio reception for our Home Base Operators to respond to your calls. The Home Base Operators will continue to monitor the radios out of these hours.

Please remember to LOG ON AND LOG OFF. 

Our working channels are 21 VHF and 27.91 mega hertz.

Emergency channels are 16 VHF and 27.88 mega hertz.

NOTE:  From 1 January 2020 we will no longer be monitoring 27.91 meg radios. Our active channels will be 27.88 meg (Emergency), VHF 16 (Emergency) / VHF 21 and HF 4125.


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