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On the Sea

On Thursday, 28 November, lives were saved on the ocean near Jurien as a local recreational boatie activated his Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) attached to his life jacket, when his boat capsized.  The PLB automatically notified the authorities who in turn notified Jurien Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue Group. As the skipper and his mate had followed all the correct safety procedures by logging their boating plans with our Group, wearing life jackets and carrying the correct safety equipment both men were quickly located by a local Charter vessel and Marine Rescue.   We would like to acknowledge the prompt and professional assistance provided by Turquoise Coast Safaris, St John Ambulance Crew and Jurien Bay Police as well as our Skipper and Crew of Rescue 1 (Mike, Ted and Mick), Radio Operator Connie, and Sharon and Ian. This was a successful outcome for all involved and demonstrates the importance of PLBs, life jackets and up-to-date safety equipment and, of course, logging your boating plans with your local Marine Rescue Group. 

The Group’s Christmas Function was held on Friday, 29 November and was well attended by volunteers and their partners.  Our HUGE appreciation to IGA Jurien who generously donated the majority of the Xmas extravaganza feast. Suzanne aptly turned the donated goodies into mouth watering cuisine which was enjoyed by all in attendance together with the sumptuous salads supplied by Natalie of Murray Street Grill.  10 Year Meritorious Service Certificates and Medals were presented to Riff Reeve and James Livingstone in recognition of their service with our Group. Dennis Troup received a five-year service medal. Congratulations to Riff, James and Dennis.

Get well wishes are extended to Dennis who has recently spent time at Fiona Stanley Hospital and is currently convalescing in Perth.   Also get well wishes to Ian who returned from an overseas trip feeling a bit under the weather. Welcome back Ian and we hope to see both Dennis and Ian back on deck soon. 

The Marine Rescue Tower will be closed on Christmas Day, Wednesday, 25 December and Boxing Day, Thursday, 26 December 2019.  We will re-open on Friday, 27 December. For all emergencies during this period please call 000. We wish all our Volunteers, their Families and the Boating Community a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.   

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OUR AWESOME VOLUNTEERS for another wonderful year.   All the hours you give, often at very short notice and in all types of conditions, is greatly appreciated.  A special thank you also to the employers in the local community for supporting our group by allowing their employee/s to attend to an emergency incident and also time off to enable volunteers to update their skills by attending on-going training.  Thank you all.

Boaties:   Please do not discard unserviceable or out of date EPIRBs or Flares in general rubbish or land fill.  Hand them in to Jurien Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue and we will organise correct disposal for you. We are located in Breakwater Drive – head down to the Marina past the car park and launching ramps and drive to the end of the road.

A reminder to all Boaties that 27.91 meg radios will no longer be monitored from 1 January 2020.  Our active channels will be: 27.88 meg (Emergencies), VHF 16 (Emergencies), VHF 21 and 4125 HF.

Our Group monitors the radios 24 hours a day / 7 days a week (either at the Tower or through home bases).   Stay safe out there on the ocean. Take 30 seconds and LOG ON WITH US.   It is free!  Not only does it provide you with peace of mind, but also your Family and loved ones will know that you are being looked after.  Most importantly it will allow us to locate you quickly should an emergency arise.

A reminder to all Boaties:  If logging off for the day, after 1600 hours (4.00 pm), please remember to do so outside the Marina.   This provides a better radio reception for our Home Base Operators to respond to your calls. The Home Base Operators will continue to monitor the radios out of these hours.

Please remember to LOG ON AND LOG OFF. 

Our working channels are 21 VHF and 27.91 mega hertz.

Emergency channels are 16 VHF and 27.88 mega hertz.

NOTE:  From 1 January 2020 we will no longer be monitoring 27.91 meg radios. Our active channels will be 27.88 meg (Emergency), VHF 16 (Emergency) / VHF 21 and HF 4125.

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