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On the Sea 3 April 2019

GRAB A BARGAIN!!   Thinking about becoming a boating member but haven’t quite got around to it?   Well, now is the time to grab a bargain!!!   For the month of April our joining fee is $15.00 which will cover you until 30 June.   Renewal fees are $50.00 per financial year (1 July to 30 June).  There are a couple of ways to join as a boating member.   If you have a computer you can join on line.   Go to our website:   www.jurienmarinerescue.com.au    Select “Boaties” from the menu, then under quick links (right hand side) select “boat membership form” and complete your details on the “boat membership application form”.  You can also upload a photo of your boat.   Then hit the “submit” button at the bottom.

There are two options to pay your subscription.

  1. Pay Online – using your credit card, bank account or Paypal account.   Your Jurien call sign will be issued as soon as payment is cleared.
  2. Manual payment. You can pay your membership by transferring funds from your account using internet banking or by posting a cheque.   Your membership will be processed once payment is received.   It may take up to seven days to issue your call sign.

Not computer savvy?   Pop on down to see us and one of our friendly volunteers will provide you with a form and a biro!   We can’t accept credit cards, so you will need to bring your cheque book or cash (exact amount) with you.

Boat Membershave you paid your 2018/2019 subscriptions?   If not, your membership will be cancelled and your Jurien call sign will be re-allocated. Final reminder notices are currently being processed with a deadline of 30 April.  If you are not sure if you have paid please check with us.  Likewise, if you have changed your contact details, sold your boat, or bought a new one, or do not wish to continue as a member, please let us know.  It is important that we have your correct details on file, so please help us to update our records.   Our phone number is 9652 1950 or mobile 0439 315 988.

The school holidays are nearly upon us and there will be an influx of visitors into our area.   If you are a visiting boatie, call down to the Marine Rescue Tower, 34 Breakwater Drive, (past the Marina car park at the end of the road) and lodge your boating details with us by completing a Visiting Boat Form.  There is no fee to join as a Visiting Boatie and it is FREE to log on and off with us. When logging on, all we need to know is:

  • your call sign,
  • number of people on board,
  • how much fuel you have,
  • your destination,
  • your estimated time of return,
  • a mobile number that you are taking with you,
  • your boat Marine and Harbour number,
  • trailer and/or vehicle registration number.

We cover the area from Grey to Green Head, including Cervantes, Sandy Cape, in fact any place within this area where a boat can be launched.

Alternatively you can visit our website:   www.jurienmarinerescue.com.au and complete the necessary form.   Select “Boaties” from the menu, then ”Visiting Boat Form” from the quick links panel (on the right hand side) and complete your details.  A photo of your boat can also be included to provide easy identification.  When completed don’t forget to hit “Submit” at the bottom of the screen.

Please remember to:

  • Check the marine weather report and ensure you and your boat are suited to the prevailing conditions. Are warnings current for your boating area?   Are there weather conditions affecting safe navigation and comfort?  What are the wind trends?  What are the wave conditions?   When is the next high and low tide?
  • Be aware that wind gusts can be 40% stronger and maximum waves may be twice the height of what is forecast;
  • Ensure you have the required safety equipment (life jackets, flares, EPIRB) for the area you intend to go to;
  • Ensure you have sufficient fuel. Aim to carry 50 percent more fuel than you expect to use;
  • Log on and off with us!! Keep our radio operators happy!!   Play it safe and use our services, or at least tell a relative or friend of your boating plans.

There is a variety of free brochures available at the Marine Rescue Tower.   Our website:  www.jurienmarinerescue.com.au also provides information on weather forecasts, Jurien tide and wave conditions, wind warnings, etc.

Our Group monitors the radios 24 hours a day / 7 days a week (either at the Tower or through home bases).   Stay safe out there on the ocean. Take 30 seconds and LOG ON WITH US.   It is free!  Not only does it provide you with peace of mind, but also your Family and loved ones will know that you are being looked after.  Most importantly it will allow us to locate you quickly should an emergency arise.

A reminder to all Boaties:  If logging off for the day, after 1600 hours (4.00 pm), please remember to do so outside the Marina.   This provides a better radio reception for our Home Base Operators to respond to your calls.   The Home Base Operators will continue to monitor the radios out of these hours.

Please remember to LOG ON AND LOG OFF.

Working channels are 21 VHF and 27.91 mega hertz.

Emergency channels are 16 VHF and 27.88 mega hertz.

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