On The Sea Feb 2019 | Jurien Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue Group Inc

On The Sea Feb 2019

Farewell to our wonderful volunteer radio operator Ricki Marshall who has moved to Perth.  Thank you Ricki for all your contributions to our Group not only over the past couple of years but also during the earlier stages of the group.  We wish you good luck and best wishes for the future Ricki and hope to catch up with you again soon.

To Prevent the Theft of your Vessel or Property:

There are some basic steps that we can all take to protect our property from theft as follows:

  • record all details of your boat and equipment – including serial numbers – and keep this list in a safe place.
  • Engrave any valuable items – you can use your driver’s licence number.
  • Mark your dinghy with an identifying feature, such as your driver’s licence number.
  • Fit an anti-theft device to your trailer.
  • Fit a quality lock to your boat.
  • Remove valuable items from your boat when you leave it unattended.  If you have to leave valuables on board, ensure they are out-of-sight.
  • If you are leaving your vehicle parked on shore while you go boating, please make certain that you leave NO valuables behind and that you secure your vehicle properly.
  • Consider fitting a quality alarm to your boat.
  • Don’t leave alcohol on the vessel or in sight.
  • Don’t leave keys on your boat. Take them with you.

What to do if your vessel is broken into, stolen or damaged:

Contact the Police Assistance Centre (PAC) on Telephone 131 444 or Jurien Bay Police on 9652 0600 to make a report.  When a crime is happening or in a life threatening situation dial 000.

Do not touch anything unless it’s absolutely essential.  If the surfaces on your vessel are suitable and a forensics officer is available, they will attend to “dust” for finger prints.   You can assist by:

  • Preserving areas for forensic examination for DNA and fingerprints from weather or contamination, where possible.
  • Noting any changes or disturbance of equipment on board for forensic examination.
  • Inquiring with neighbours / club members / other vessel users regarding similar offences or suspicious activities and informing the attending Police of the details.

Source: WA Water Police – “Marine Watch, a Guide to a more secure and a safe boating experience”.  The full brochure is available from the Marine Rescue Tower.

Explore Marine Parks WA Smart iPhone App

Discover WA’s marine parks with the new Explore Marine Parks WA iPhone app which covers the 13 marine parks.   The “where am I?” function means you can see which marine park zone you are in and what activities you can enjoy in each particular area, even when offline or out of mobile phone range!     Download it free from the Apple App store.

Hook Up to the Recreational Fishing Rules and Guide

Not too sure about the recreational fishing rules?   It’s easy to keep up to date with WA’s recreational fishing rules.  Whether it’s for bag and size limits, seasonal closures or licences, all the rules are at your fingertips.

  1. Go to www.fish.wa.gov.au for rules covering more than 180 fish species. Use the interactive maps to discover information about marine protected areas and common species by region.
  2. App – the free Recfishwest app provides access to the rules even if you are out of phone range and has an easy fish identification feature.  Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  3. Recreational Fishing Guide – download from www.fish.wa.gov.au/guide

Our Group monitors the radios 24 hours a day / 7 days a week (either at the Tower or through home bases).   Stay safe out there on the ocean. Take 30 seconds and LOG ON WITH US.   It is free!  Not only does it provide you with peace of mind, but also your Family and loved ones will know that you are being looked after.  Most importantly it will allow us to locate you quickly should an emergency arise.

A reminder to all Boaties:  If logging off for the day, after 1600 hours (4.00 pm), please remember to do so outside the Marina.   This provides a better radio reception for our Home Base Operators to respond to your calls. The Home Base Operators will continue to monitor the radios out of these hours.

Please remember to LOG ON AND LOG OFF.

Our working channels are 21 VHF and 27.91 mega hertz.

Emergency channels are 16 VHF and 27.88 mega hertz.


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