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Grey Rescue

On Monday, 21 March 2022, Rescue 2 (“Bay Watch”) with Mike (Skipper), Wayne and Chrissy (Crew) was deployed to a rescue at Grey where a boatie had capsized at Dog Rock. The boatie had logged on with our Radio Operator, Raelene Newnham, earlier in the morning, however, was unable to use the radio to contact us for assistance. Instead, he attempted to ring by mobile phone several times. As the mobile reception is very bad in this area, the only words deciphered in the conversation were “Mayday Mayday, Mayday” and the caller’s name. Luckily, as the boatie had logged on, Raelene was able to identify who required assistance. Our crew were deployed and the Water Police notified, as well as contacting Grey locals (Jen) for information.

Rescue 2 was unable to launch from Grey due to the beach being too shallow. Strong wind warnings were predicted throughout the day and evening. The sea conditions going down were very unfavourable but eventually the boatie, who was wearing a life jacket, was located with his vessel. The vessel and boatie were then towed safely back to shore.

A HUGE THANK YOU to concerned local Phil Tapper (and his brother) who rang our tower to advise on the location of the boat (which was a long way from where it originally got into trouble!) - and that they could see Rescue 2 (“Bay Watch”) near the vessel (but had passed it). Every bit of information helps in these situations - Thank you heaps!!!

If anyone comes across a container of flares and EPIRB, which is still somewhere out there on the ocean, please contact our Group.

Thank you also to our two awesome radio operators – Raelene Newnham and Carla Reger (who assisted later). Big thanks also to Michael Burdon for coming down and giving us a hand to clean Rescue 2 in readiness for the next deployment.

On Saturday, 19 March, at Cervantes, a concerned boatie contacted us for assistance. He was launching his vessel by the RAC Caravan Park around 1600 hours when a bow rope broke and the vessel took off with one person on board, who had no keys to access the motor or an anchor. The vessel drifted 300 metres offshore and travelled north past the jetty. One of our local members, Kingsley Miller, was contacted to assist and the vessel was retrieved. Well done Kingsley!!

We would like to inform everyone of the peaceful passing of George Watson on Tuesday, 15th March 2022. In the 1990s George was the Commander, Skipper and Radio Operator at our Group and was also a Life Member. Our heartfelt condolences to George’s family and acquaintances. Rest in Peace George.

Sending a VERY BIG THANK YOU to one of our locals, Laurie Shine, for his very generous donation of $500. Wow!! It is very much appreciated - as well as Laurie’s very kind offer of assistance with the installation of our new jetty - AWESOME!!! Thank you heaps Laurie.

If you would like to donate your empty bottles and cans to our Group, bins are provided at the Tower. Our Containers for Change ID No is C 103032252. Thank you.

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