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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Invoices for the 2021 / 2022 financial year have now been prepared and sent by email or mail on 6 July 2021. If you have not received your invoice please contact our Treasurer, Carla, on mobile 0429101838 or email:

Thinking about becoming a boating member? Why not join this new financial year? Membership is $50.00 per annum payable each July. The advantage of being a member is that we will have the necessary details regarding your boat, trailer and vehicle as well as your mobile contact on file should there be a need to provide assistance or if you are overdue. Not only does it provide you with peace of mind, but also your family and loved ones will know that you are being looked after. Most importantly it will allow us to locate you quickly should an emergency arise.

It is much easier to log on with us by using your unique Jurien Call Sign. The details we need to know when you log on are:

  • Your launch site (if somewhere other than Jurien Marina).

  • How many people on board (adults and children and even your dog can be included).

  • How much fuel you have on board.

  • Your intended destination / boating plans.

  • Your estimated time of return.

You can join on line at - under quick links, select Boat Membership Form. Submit information, then proceed to the payment page. Alternatively, call down to the Marine Rescue Tower and complete the required form. Please ring first on 9652 1950 to ensure that there is someone in attendance. Upon request, the application form can also be emailed to you.

Why log on with us?

We’ve heard a lot of reasons why not to log on:

  • Nothing will happen to me!

  • I know these waters!

  • I can swim!

  • I have a lifejacket!

  • I have an EPIRB!

  • I’ve told my wife!

  • I’ve been doing this for years!

It’s your safety we’re concerned about!!

Let us tell you some of the reasons why you should LOG ON:

  • Logging on with us enables us to quickly locate you, as we will have your details and destination, should a rescue be necessary.

  • We cover the area from Grey to Greenhead, including Cervantes, Sandy Cape, in fact any place within this area where a boat can be launched.

  • Our Radio Operators man the Tower in 5-hour shifts and love nothing better than logging on boaties – it keeps them interested in their task and gives them a sense of purpose. The busier they are the happier they are!! It’s frustrating when they see 30 boats leaving the Marina with only 5 logging on.

  • Our telephone – 9652 1950 – is monitored 24 hours a day.

  • It is a FREE service.


Did you know that you must carry a marine band radio if you go more than five nautical miles (nm) from the mainland, or more than one nm from an island situated more than five nm from the mainland? The choice of radio is up to you, it can be 27 MHz, VHF or HF, however, be aware that our Group monitors working channels for VHF and HF radios only. If you currently have a 27 MHz radio, your radio is not working or you do not have a radio fitted you can still log on with us by telephone - call 9652 1950, or in person. Please be aware that your mobile may not work, or provide very poor reception, in some areas.

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