About Us | Jurien Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue Group Inc

About Us

The Jurien Bay Marine Rescue tower is located in the Jurien Bay marina, at the end of Breakwater Drive.

Tower hours

The tower is manned by our friendly radio operators seven days a week.

Summer hours are 6am to 4pm and winter is 7am to 4pm.

During all other hours the radios are monitored by our network of home base volunteers.

There is always someone listening!

Office Bearers

Chrissy Heu
M: 0427 989 239

Deputy Commander
Dennis Troup
M: 0497 583 971

Dolly Lucas
M: 0439 315 988

Carla Reger
M: 0488 196 456

Life Members

Mr Ron Snook
Mr Jim Earnshaw (Dec)
Mrs Betty Earnshaw (Dec)
Mr Kevin Rideout (Dec)
Mrs Jean Rideout
Mr George Watson
Mr Lindsay Doney
Mr Robin Randall
Mr Alf Parker
Mr Terry Cullen (Dec)
Mr Roger Twight (Dec)