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Recreational Skippers Ticket


This is the minimum qualification needed to operate a powerboat in Western Australia. The Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) is a nationally-recognised certificate of competency which shows that the holder has the minimum knowledge and practical skills needed to operate a powerboat safely.


For Skippers Ticket Training/Assessment, please contact Grant 0467 019 723 or Graham 0458 575 737 - see details below.


More info: About the RST.

Radio Courses


The best reason for fitting a marine radio to a vessel and using it responsibly is its potential to save lives, but a radio is simply an expensive anchor if you don’t know how to use it properly. As well as giving you the operational skill essential for the confident and responsible use of a marine radio, a significant benefit of studying for a certificate arises from knowing the distress and safety procedures. In an emergency, knowledge of distress and safety procedures assists everyone involved in the rescue. For radio training and courses, please email our Training

Co-ordinator Dolly at

Short Range Training Course

A “short range” training course on VHF radios is available. If you are interested and would like to register, or have any queries,  please email our Training Co-ordinator Dolly at

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