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Marine Rescue Jurien Bay

Our mission: Enhance the safety of life at sea.

Marine Rescue Jurien Bay is manned by volunteers who take pride in offering their services free of charge. We operate from the tower at the end of Breakwater Drive, as well as from a network of home bases. A  friendly radio operator is always standing by!

Marine Rescue Jurien Bay Tower Open Daily 7am-4pm May to August, and 6am-4pm September to April. Outside of these hours, our volunteers monitor the radios from Home Bases to provide a 24 hour radio monitoring service.

Log on with us whenever you go out ... no matter how short the trip.

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When you log on with us, please remember to log off - perhaps set a reminder on your phone so you don't forget!

Bring us your Expired Flares and EPIRBs


Marine Rescue Jurien Bay is a collection point for Expired Flares and EPIRBs. Don't let these devices go to landfill - bring them in to us for safe and correct disposal.


You will find our Tower at the end of Breakwater Drive - Phone us on 9652 1950 for more information on Flare and EPIRB disposal.

Want to become a volunteer?

Thanks for the Rescue down at Grey

“ Dear Chrissy and crew, thanks for the rescue after my recent capsize. I have learned some important lessons, including (a) that as you get older your reaction speed to things like big waves threatening to capsize your boat get slower and as a result boating gets riskier and (b) always make sure that your EPIRB and flares are tied into your boat, otherwise after a capsize they may float away. Am thankful that a couple of golden rules were followed, being (a) always log on and (b) always stay with your boat."


From Dick at Grey                                                           April, 2022

Thank You

"Myself and my family can never thank you enough - there are literally not enough words to express our gratitude for what you did to retrieve my father’s body on Saturday after we were thrown overboard by a King Wave.


Your efforts together with my rescuers Bec & Jeremy Carter and their amazing boys who thought I was a seal made it possible to bring Dad’s body home. Your ability to do this for my family has given us much peace at an extremely difficult time in our lives that without this would have been infinitely harder.


My Dad has been on the sea his entire life, the shock at what happened I don’t think he could comprehend – like so many others we had life jackets on board but where not wearing them – if I could turn back time and be wearing them I so feel we would still have him with us.


Thank you again, you are an amazing team and don’t ever underestimate the important role you play – you are heroes and we owe you forever."


Arna & Family

April 2021

Hit by a King Wave!


“We can never thank enough, the people who not only saved our skins, but also saved my boat. The radio operators at Sea Rescue, Chrissy, Wayne, and Ian on the sea rescue boat, and Rob and Dave who first picked us up out of the cold ocean. We owe you forever.”


Laurie, Jack and David

Thank You


"We would like to thank all those involved in our recent rescue after our boat capsized.

Thank you to Jurien Bay Sea Search and Rescue who responded very quickly after we activated our Personal Locator Beacon and were very professional. All that training has certainly paid off. They made the rescue an easy task in a difficult situation.

Thank heavens we only had mild hypothermia. Words cannot say how thankful we are to all those people involved as it could have been a far worse outcome without them."

Barry and Peter