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2022/2023 Annual General Meeting

Our Group’s 2022/2023 Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday, 30 October 2022 with a good attendance of Life Members, Volunteers and social members. It has been a very busy year for our Group, and, with all the developments in the pipeline, we have got another very busy year ahead! Our brand-new Rescue 1 vessel is due to be delivered in the early part of next year. The fencing, utilities and the installation of security cameras for our new pontoon / jetty adjacent to our building hopefully will be completed and a shed will also be installed to house our Rescue 2 and Rescue 3 vessels. Like last year, it will be “all hands-on deck”!!!

Elected Committee Members are:

Office Bearers:

  • Commander – Christine (Chrissy) Heu

  • Deputy Commander - Wayne Harston

  • Secretary – Raelene Newnham

  • Treasurer - Carla Reger


  • Micheal (Mike) Cockburn (Bosun)

  • Robin Randall

  • Dorian (Dolly) Lucas.

Congratulations to all elected Members.

We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our retiring Secretary, Valerie Boucher, for all of your hard work, and also to retiring committee members Connie Holder, Jan and Mick Ackland - you have all provided outstanding support, hard work and commitment. Thank you to Patrick Lucas for all the work you do in keeping our garden area ship shape, helping with our building maintenance and taking all those wonderful donations of bottles and cans to be recycled for cash. Thank you heaps!! Sincere thanks also to Ron Snook Snr, Life Member, for chairing the meeting over the nominations and to Simon Miller, District Officer Marine-Midwest Gascoyne, DFES for attending and for providing support and guidance during the year. Simon is a very busy person so we all appreciate his presence at our functions.

Lastly, but definitely not least, THANK YOU to each and every one of our amazing volunteers who so freely give their time to help keep our boating community safe. You are all absolutely AWESOME - as are your very tolerant families who have to give you up at regular intervals so you can help save lives!

At the conclusion of the AGM we were treated to delicious and plentiful catering supplied by Family Affair Cafe. A huge thank you to Lance, Ash, Sue and all Staff.

Chrissy, Wayne and Valerie (retiring Secretary)
Chrissy (Commander) and Wayne (Deputy Commander)

Wayne, Carla (Treasurer) and Chrissy
Chrissy, Jan Ackland and Mick Ackland (retiring) and Wayne

Chrissy, Robin Randall and Wayne
Wayne, Connie (Retiring) and Chrissy

Wayne, Dorian (Dolly) and Chrissy
Wayne, Patrick and Chrissy

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