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A couple more rescues

There have been a couple of rescues recently. On Saturday, 19 February Rescue One (“Crikey”) was deployed at 1240 hrs. with Mike (Skipper), Wayne, Chrissy and new volunteer Dale Moir on board to attend a 9-metre vessel, with shaft problems, located at North Head. Our radio operator for the day was Allan Franke. The tow in was great with a koolabah breeze on the water and the vessel was towed safely back into the Jurien Bay Marina. Well done to everyone involved! A BIG THANK YOU to the Boatie for the refreshments for our members.

A few days earlier on 13 February at 1300 hours our crew were deployed on board Rescue 2 (“Bay Watch”) to attend a stricken vessel north of Escape Island (Light House). The boatie’s motor would not start. Mike Cockburn (Skipper), Chrissy Heu, Mick Ackland and Graham Latter (crew) set out at 1300 hours. Our Radio Operator, Eve Trutwein, was recording proceedings at the Tower.

The vessel was amongst breakers and it was blowing a southerly, which made it difficult for those on board to receive the tow rope. They were also having trouble pulling up their anchor. They were advised to cut it off but they attached a float to it. Thankfully the two people on board were wearing their life jackets. Eventually the vessel was under tow and arrived safely back in the marina. Again, well done to all involved.

A short range (VHF) Radio Course was held at the Tower on 19 February 2022 with five people attending – 3 of our volunteer members and 2 external. Another course will be held in the future, so if you are interested in obtaining your Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency (SROCP) please contact the Tower on telephone 9652 1950 between 0600 to 1600 and add your contact details to the Expression of Interest list. Priority will be given to our volunteer members in the first instance as this course is a requirement for their training pathways. External participants will be charged a fee.

A Reminder To All Boaties: Please do not discard unserviceable or out of date EPIRBs or Flares in general rubbish or land fill. Hand them in to Jurien Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue and we will organise correct disposal for you. We are located in Breakwater Drive – head down to the Marina – past the car park and launching ramps and drive to the end of the road. We are usually open between 0600 to 1600 hours, 7 days a week, however, ring us first on 9652 1950 to ensure someone is in attendance.

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