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AMSA Beacon Registration Update

DID YOU KNOW? AMSA has improved the beacon registration system. The choice is yours. Use your mobile, tablet or computer to register your beacon online:

  • SMS Save your SMS registration confirmation on your mobile phone.

  • Email Save your email registration confirmation on your mobile phone.

  • Print Print your registration confirmation, or if you have no email, request a printed copy be sent via mail.

  • Online Check Beacon Registration – look up the registration status online.

You must carry proof of registration while out on the water. If you have an existing beacon registration sticker it will remain valid until it expires. Remember – it is important to keep your registration details up-to-date as they will be used in case of emergency. Renew your details every two years. For more information visit or call the beacon registration helpline on 1800 406 406 (business hours). For accidental beacon activation call AMSA Search and Rescue on 1800 641 792.

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