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Another Rescue and Safety Messages

Our Group was involved in a rescue on Friday, 14 May at 0430 (4.30 am) when a yacht needed assistance west of Cervantes. The yacht was towed safely to Jurien Bay. A BIG THANK YOU to Skipper and Crew Mike, Wayne and Chrissy.

When purchasing a new vessel please ensure that you have a VHF radio, flares, EPIRB (with the vessel and current owner’s details being registered with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority) and life jackets. It is also a good idea to register as a boat member with your local Marine Rescue Group.

The Department of Transport held a “Maintain and Wear Your Lifejacket” clinic at our Tower Building in early May. It included a flare experience for the public. There was a good turn-out of local boaties who received the “inflatable lifejacket self-service checklist” form. Copies of the checklist are available from the Tower, located at 34 Breakwater Drive, Jurien (past the Marina), by emailing us on and requesting a copy or by visiting our Marine Rescue Jurien Bay Facebook page.

Boat Members: Have you changed any of your details? Maybe sold your boat, or bought a new one, changed cars or trailers, or do not wish to continue as a member, please let us know. When a boat is overdue, we need to search the marina car park (or another launching site) to see if the vehicle or trailer are there and we do not want to be wasting valuable time searching for a vehicle or trailer with the incorrect details. It is important that we have your correct details on file, so please help us to update our records.

Update EPIRB Registration Details:

If the EPIRB’s registration details change or the vessel is sold the details need to be updated with AMSA. To update details:

· Visit the AMSA website:

· Phone 1800 406 406.

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