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Another Tow In and Border Watch details

Our Group was involved in another successful tow-in on Monday, 6 September 2021 when a small vessel experiencing engine problems required assistance. The vessel was in a precarious position near the reef with decent sized waves. The boaties had not logged their boating plans with our radio operator. Obtaining their location, vessel details (size, colour, Marine and Harbour number), number of people on board, takes only a few minutes but can seem a lot longer when you are sitting in a boat being tossed around in the ocean. Please use our FREE services to lodge your boating plans before you head out. This will save valuable time and we will have all your details in case you require our services.

Should you change your location to another fishing spot, please contact the radio operator so that your details can be updated in the log book. Also make sure you have all the safety gear on board (VHF Radio, Life-Jackets, EPIRB & Flares), and that everyone on board knows where they are stored and how to use them. Put a reminder in your phone 30 minutes prior to your estimated time of return so that you won’t become an “overdue boat”. You can always contact us to extend your time of return.

A huge thank you to our wonderful Skipper and Crew – Wayne, Chrissy and Mick!! Well done all.

Border Watch: Following a recent visit from Border Watch, the following information may be useful to the community. Help protect Australia’s border and protect our way of life by reporting suspicious activity to Border Watch on 1800 06 1800, (Freecall 24 hours/day) or at

What to look for on land:

  • Unusual activity on beaches or in remote areas

  • Light aircraft landing or taking off at night and newly-constructed airstrips

  • Vehicles on roads and tracks not usually used

  • Unexplained lights or signalling devices

  • Hidden campsites or fuel dumps

  • Evidence of interference with flora or fauna.

What to look for at sea:

  • Possible unauthorised landings by foreign vessels

  • Merchant ships at anchor unusually close to land, islands or other vessels

  • Vessels outside normal shipping lanes

  • Ships signalling or being met by small craft

  • Yachts and pleasure craft in remote or unusual areas

  • Unusual objects at sea or ashore (e.g. buoys, rubbish, signalling devices)

  • Salvage operations on shipwrecks.

What to look for in the air:

  • Unusual aircraft movements

  • Unusual use of airstrips

  • Aircraft operating at night without lights

  • Aircraft loading or unloading goods in unusual locations.

Other signs to look for:

  • Unusually large cash payments

  • Cryptic or unusual radio messages

  • Reluctance to be identified

  • Asking questions about Australian Border Force or other law enforcement agency activity.

What can you do:

  • Report any unlawful, unusual or suspicious border activities

  • Don’t get involved – simply report what you see or hear

  • Don’t disturb or remove anything as this could destroy vital evidence

  • Act immediately – your prompt action could make a difference

  • Choose to remain anonymous.

What to tell Border Watch:

  • The time, date and place of the incident

  • What you saw or heard

  • A description of the people involved (e.g. age, sex, build, height, appearance)

  • A description of the transport involved (e.g. vehicles, planes, boats)

  • Registration numbers, call signs and identifying marks that you saw or heard.

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