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Check the weather and sea conditions

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

On Tuesday, 15 June 2021 there was another close call in our waters off Jurien when a small vessel was upturned at around 0930. A man was found in the water latched onto his boat by two other boats passing by. Our rescue vessel “Crikey” was deployed to assist in towing the upturned vessel back to the Jurien Marina where it was then righted before towing it back to the boat ramps to be put back on the trailer. A HUGE THANK YOU to the two vessels who assisted. We appreciate your help.

Please note the swells and waves before heading out. On this particular day there were two 3.5m swells and waves running at 90 degrees to each other causing large waves to rise up. The waters off Jurien at this time of the year are predictably dangerous with big swells and changing tides. Before embarking on any sort of trip, whether it is to check your pots or head offshore for a cruise, a sail or a fish, always check the weather and sea conditions, and, if in doubt, don’t go out.

We ask all boaties to take care on the ocean by:

  • Doing regular maintenance checks on your boat – follow the Department of Transport’s BEST check list.

  • Ensure you wear a lanyard attached to your wrist or body which is connected to the boat’s kill switch (if you are thrown overboard this will stop your engine).

  • Wear your life jacket! It can save your life.

  • Check the marine weather report and ensure you and your boat are suited to the prevailing conditions. Are warnings current for your boating area? Are there weather conditions affecting safe navigation and comfort? What are the wind trends? What are the wave conditions? When is the next high and low tide?

  • Be aware that wind gusts can be 40% stronger and maximum waves may be twice the height of what is forecast.

  • Ensure you have the required safety equipment (life jackets, flares, EPIRB) for the area you intend to go.

  • Ensure you have sufficient fuel. Aim to carry 50 percent more fuel than you expect to use.

  • Put a reminder in your phone 30 minutes prior to your estimated time of return so that you won’t become an “Overdue Boat”. You can always extend your time of return.

Invoices for the 2021 / 2022 financial year are being prepared and will be sent to Boat Members over the next few weeks by email as this saves time and money. If you have not registered your email with us, or you do not have an email address, the invoice will be sent by mail to the postal address on our records. If you have changed your details since last year, please contact us with your new details. If you have sold your boat and bought a new one, please advise us. Or maybe you have sold your boat and no longer wish to continue as a member. When a boat is overdue, we need to search the marina car park (or another launching site) to see if the vehicle or trailer are there and we do not want to be wasting valuable time searching for a vehicle or trailer with the incorrect details. It is important that we have your correct details on file, so please help us to update our records. Our phone number is 9652 1950 or pop down to the Marine Rescue Tower and advise one of our volunteers.

When making a membership payment at the Bendigo Bank or another Financial Institute, please ensure that your Jurien Call Sign and name are included on the payment slip.

All Boaties: A message from our Radio Operators: Could all Boaties please log on and log off slowly and clearly as we need to write the information in our log book. The details we require are your call sign, number of people on board (adults and children), the amount of fuel, your destination and the estimated time of return (ETR). When logging off, please state your call sign and that you are safely back and wish to log off. The radio operator will acknowledge your log on and off by repeating the information back to you. If you do not receive this acknowledgement then please repeat your message again.

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