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Congratulations Ray Worrall - Coastal Bravery Award Recipient

Marine Rescue Jurien Bay would like to say a heartfelt “thank you and congratulations” to Ray Worrall (Supervising Fisheries and Marine Officer, Operations and Compliance, DPIRD) on being awarded a Gold Medallion at the 2023 Surf Life Saving WA Coastal Bravery Awards ceremony held on 26th May 2023. The Gold Medallion is awarded for exceptional bravery, the highest honour, awarded to any person who performs a conspicuous and selfless act of exceptional bravery in circumstances of extreme peril.

Our Group nominated Ray for this very well-deserved award. Ray was off duty and on holiday at the time, when he came to our Group’s assistance without hesitation, after our own rescue vessel “Crikey!” was unable to continue searching - having sustained damage due to the horrendous conditions while searching for the stricken yacht “Impara 2” in 2021. Our crew transferred to DPIRD’s vessel “PV Lesueur” to continue the search. Ray took on the role of on-scene controller, coordinating four other vessels while also searching the area on his vessel. Ray's leadership, skills and courage on the day were exemplary – managing to keep his vessel and our crew safe, while successfully searching for and eventually rescuing the capsized yacht’s five occupants in truly terrible conditions. We are also grateful that Ray has assisted our Group on many other occasions in boat search incidents and break downs.

Congratulations Ray and thank you for all your assistance!!

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