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Farewell George Watson

On Saturday, 16 July 2022 at 1500 hours our Group had the honour of scattering the ashes of George Watson (27/02/1954 – 15/03/2022). George was a former Commander, Skipper, Radio Operator and a Life Member of our Group. Rescue One (“Crikey”) was deployed with Commander, Chrissy Heu and Deputy Commander, Wayne Harston on board together with a few Family Members and Friends.

It was a lovely afternoon with people paying their respects from the township jetty and foreshore. George was a quiet achiever and very mechanically minded. Safe journey, George. You are not far from the Tower where you had put in a lot of hard work to establish the awesome rescue service for all to benefit and the locals that you assisted over the years. The wake was held at the Sandpiper Tavern after the service, providing an opportunity for those present to relive the good old times. George, you will be sadly missed by us all.

Rest in Peace George

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