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Floating Pontoon Jetty Donations

We are raising money for our new floating pontoon jetty being constructed next to our Rescue Tower. While the actual jetty construction is fully funded, we still have many expenses coming up with getting power, lighting and water supply connected to the new jetty, as well as site works, the construction of a concrete abutment and ramp to reach the jetty and security fencing. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a lot or a little – every bit helps. Donations can be made through our Facebook Fundraiser, directly into our bank account at Bendigo Bank, through our website or in person at our Rescue Tower (cash or cheque only). Any questions - please phone our Treasurer, Carla, on 0429 101 838.

From all of us at Marine Rescue Jurien Bay, thank you for your support.

Rescue 2 (“Bay Watch”) was deployed on Monday, 14 March with Mike Cockburn (Skipper), Graham Latter and Eddie Carnegie (crew) to Grey. A local boatie, who had not logged on with us, had departed at 1430 hours to check his cray pots and had not returned by 1840 hours. The boatie was located, safe and sound, at 1955 hours along the beach north of Grey by local residents who were searching for him. His vessel had broken down and he had drifted until he reached the shore. A HUGE THANK YOU to our Radio Operator, Sharon Stiles, (and Ian) plus our Crew and the Grey search party. All ended well.

On the WA Labour Day long weekend our Radio Operators were busy with not only our local boaties but also monitoring a fishing competition at Wedge consisting of around 35 competitors. Cervantes Fin Club also had a competition. Well done to all involved over the weekend. A big thank you also to all our Group Members who give their time freely to provide a service for all boaties. Our home bases monitor the radios during the night until morning with logons just after 0400 hours and log offs at 1900 hours or later.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT CHECK: A reminder to all Boaties to check your safety equipment on a regular basis, as follows:

  • Responsible skippers should ensure safety equipment is well maintained and accessible,

  • That passengers know where it is stowed, how to use it and when to use it.

  • In an emergency on the water, properly functioning safety equipment can be the key to survival and there can be tragic consequences if it isn't in good working condition.

The quantity and type of equipment varies depending on how far offshore you travel and it is important to understand that these are minimum requirements.

Check your safety equipment expiry dates. Safety gear with an expiry date includes flares, EPIRBs, fire extinguishers and inflatable life jackets. Don’t let safety equipment expire. Set a reminder for it to be checked and replaced, if necessary, by:

  • Putting the dates in your diary

  • Putting the dates in your mobile phone

  • Write it on the Department of Transport’s “Don’t Expire” sticker and place on your boat.

Distress Flares:

Your flares must be maintained in serviceable condition at all times and within their expiry date. Check them regularly to ensure they have not been rendered unserviceable by exposure to moisture. Mildew, or bubbling of paper coatings may indicate this. Additional to your new in-date flares, you may wish to keep out of date flares on board but only if they are in good condition. Distress flares need to be kept dry and accessible (use a waterproof container that will float).

Unauthorised use of Flares:

There are severe penalties for the improper use of flares. Flares have a very serious purpose. Falsely indicating distress rightly carries a severe penalty, but it also wastes a lot of time and resources – possibly weakening the ability to respond to a genuine emergency. Do not leave flares in your vessel when it is not in use and keep them away from children.

Expired / Unwanted Flares and EPIRBS:

Hand in your unwanted / expired flares and EPIRBS at our Tower, during opening hours, and we will organise disposal for you.

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