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Inductions and Training

Mike (Bosun) - vessel induction with Mick Burdon

With the installation of our new airberth and the arrival of our new Rescue 1 vessel our crew are required to undergo inductions and training. Skippers and Crew inductions on the airberth occurred on Friday, 9 June with Joe arriving from Perth – a huge thank you to Joe for attending and explaining the process. Ash Sutcliffe, one of our new crew members, was also given a vessel induction on “Bay Watch” (Rescue 2) by our Bosun, Mike Cockburn.

Training and inductions continued on Saturday, 10 June from 0745 to 1200 hours with attendees Mike, Chrissy, Craig, Mick Burdon and Ash Sutcliffe on both rescue vessels and the airberth. This was followed by a few runs on Rescue 2 pulling up on the pontoon, etc. Rescue 1 was taken out into the bay area to practise the “man overboard” manikin pulley system, which was an awesome improvement on the previous method. A big thank you to Mike for all his training advice!

Operating the "man overboard" manikin pulley system

Craig Hamann observing

Mick and Ash receiving inductions from Mike

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