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Letter of Appreciation from Shane, "Dolci Bella"

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hi to all at Marine Rescue Jurien Bay,

On the 24/5/22 I was unfortunate to have run out of fuel 1.2nm from the Jurien Bay Marina entrance between 1 and 2am on what has been described as a night of pretty wild weather. It was clear to me that once we had run out of fuel and with the time it would take to bleed the lines we would be in strife, so I activated our EPIRB.

With your radio operator at station, who I would imagine would have been very concerned, your members Mike Cockburn and Chrissy Heu jumped into action and set out in a "Search and rescue" that in my eyes was way way over what would normally be considered as "Too big a risk to attempt". (I later learnt that they almost called off the search while looking for us).

The sight of them next to us in those conditions, especially after we had been rolled 360 degrees by the huge swells from the reef we had drifted towards is something I will never forget. Their approach, their caution, their professionalism and their obvious skills during the execution of our rescue was outstanding and a testament to the training Marine Rescue Jurien Bay obviously under go and have in place.

On top of that the support from you all after that night. To tow, raft up and secure my vessel at the service jetty at the marina is over and above.

Myself along with my wife and crew, haven't enough words to convey our gratitude.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

You are all amazing,

Regards, Shane Scholes.

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