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Membership Invoices and Safety Message

Boat Membership Invoices for the 2022 / 2023 financial year have been issued by email or mail during July with friendly reminder notices being sent in August. Please be aware that under our Group’s Constitution a boating member whose subscription is not paid by 30 September ceases to be a member. Should this occur, your membership will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to use your Jurien call sign. If you have changed your details since last year, or you have not received your invoice, please contact our Treasurer, Carla, on mobile 0429 101 838 or email:

A message to all Boaties:

The New Safety Equipment Regime: It will be mandatory to carry a Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) on any Non-Registrable Vessel when operating more than 400 metres from shore in Unprotected Waters. Don’t wait for the legislation to take effect. Make sure that you have your GPS enabled EPIRB on board your vessel(s) as soon as possible. It makes locating you and your loved ones so much quicker and easier if disaster strikes. It really can be the difference between life and death!!!

Safety lanyards (Kill Switch):

Skippers need to be aware of the lifesaving benefits of using a safety lanyard, especially when boating alone. Recent boating deaths and incidents in WA could have been avoided with the use of a safety lanyard which automatically stops a vessel’s motor if the skipper falls overboard or leaves the steering position.

By not using a safety lanyard a skipper is risking their life and that of their passengers because the fixed throttle on most boats system means it will continue to move through the water at the same speed endangering those in the water.

How a safety lanyard works:

A safety lanyard, also known as a kill switch, has a quick-release fitting at one end attached to the vessel motor or console and at the other end is a clip attached to the skipper. The lanyard should be worn by the skipper whenever the engine is running.

The coiled design allows the driver the natural movement required when driving a boat. Sudden movement away from the helm position means the lanyard will detach and the engine will stop. In most instances the boat will not start without the safety lanyard in place therefore a second lanyard should be kept on board to allow the boat to be re-started if the skipper and lanyard have gone overboard.

When attaching the clip to the skipper special care needs to be taken to ensure it stays attached. Loop the lanyard around your wrist or ankle and attach the clip to secure it. If the clip is attached to clothing it could fall off.

How to wear your safety lanyard:

For skippers with tiller steered boats or personal water craft it is easier and more comfortable to apply the safety lanyard around the wrist.

Always check your lanyard works by starting the engine and pulling the cord to make sure the quick-release fitting detaches and stops the engine. Be safe; use a safety lanyard and always check:

  • When attached it doesn’t interfere with the steering or gear controls

  • Its length does not exceed the engine manufacturer’s recommendation

  • It works and has no signs of wear before going boating

  • Replacement lanyards are of good quality with a strengthening cord through the middle

  • It is protected from extreme temperature and UV light

  • It has good spiral tension. If not replace it

  • There is a spare lanyard on board.

(Information courtesy of Department of Transport).

Hook Up to the Recreational Fishing Rules and Guide

Not too sure about the recreational fishing rules? It’s easy to keep up to date with WA’s recreational fishing rules. Whether it’s for bag and size limits, seasonal closures or licences, all the rules are at your fingertips.

1. Go to for rules covering more than 180 fish species. Use the interactive maps to discover information about marine protected areas and common species by region.

2. App – the free Recfishwest app provides access to the rules even if you are out of phone range and has an easy fish identification feature. Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

3. Recreational Fishing Guide – download from

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