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Midwest Gascoyne BGU Volunteer Leaders Forum

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

On the weekend of 22 October 2022 our Commander, Chrissy Heu and Deputy Commander, Wayne Harston attended the Midwest Gascoyne BGU Volunteer Leaders Forum in Geraldton with members from SES, Bushfiries, Fire and Emergency, Fire and Rescue and Marine Rescue. The Guest Speaker was Neil Hay who talked on Leadership and other topics.

It was a very informative forum with Gianni Colangelo from the BOM briefing the attendees on predictions and weather patterns, which was very well received. After lunch attendees broke off to their respective services to receive updates and discussions on other matters.

A lovely dinner was provided at 1800 hours at the Freemasons for all participants as well as Supt Craig Smith, DO Felix McQuistan and other DFES personnel.

On the Sunday Marine Rescue Geraldton celebrated and show-cased their new vessel "Mimosa" - an 8 meter RHIB - a vital addition to their Group. The vessel can be deployed, by truck, to other regions who may require assistance.

Congratulations and well done to Daniel and all his team.

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