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Presentation Ceremony for "Impara 2" Rescue

On Tuesday, 13 July 2021 Marine Rescue Jurien Bay were delighted to host a small presentation ceremony from the Western Australia Police Force, recognising and congratulating all of the participants involved in the Marine Search & Rescue on the 30th May 2021 for the yacht “Impara 2”. Jurien Bay Police Station Officer in Charge, Sgt Drew Taylor officiated the ceremony.

Invited Guests were:-

• Police A/Commander Roger BEER

• Police A/Superintendent Tony JEAVONS

• DFES Superintendent Craig SMITH

• Dept of Primary Industries and Regional Development Regional Manager Mick KELLY

• Mr Glenn ANDERSON (owner of “Impara 2")

• Skipper and Crew of Fisheries vessel “PV Lesueur”

• Skipper and Crew of commercial charter vessel “MOJO”

• Skipper and Crew of commercial charter vessel “PROVIDENCE II”

• Skipper and Crew of commercial cray boat “SAPHIRE”

• Skipper and Crew of commercial cray boat “KON-DIOS III”

• Staff of the Jurien Bay Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue

The “Impara 2”, was an 11.4m yacht that sailed up from Rottnest with skipper Glenn Anderson and four other persons on board, including Glenn's 11 year old daughter Ruby. At about 10.45 am on the 30th May 2021 the “Impara 2” struck trouble, resulting in the yacht quickly sinking and all 5 crew members ending up in the ocean. Thankfully, due to an EPIRB activation and all crew members being able to get life jackets on before the yacht sunk, all of the crew were rescued and survived their ocean ordeal.

Once the EPIRB activation had been registered with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), an immediate aerial and marine search was commenced, co-ordinated by WA Water Police.

In close support, invaluable assistance was provided by the AMSA Jet, Rescue 1 Helicopter, volunteers and vessels of the Jurien Bay VMR, The Fisheries Department, Jurien Bay commercial and charter vessels, the St Johns Ambulance Service and in many respects, the wider community of Jurien Bay. It was through a great coordinated team effort in what could be described as difficult sea conditions which ultimately led to the safe recovery of the entire crew of the “Impara 2” and is a testament to the commitment and perseverance of the Jurien Bay marine community.

Acting Police Commander Roger Beer, on behalf of the WA Police, today wishes to recognise the following vessels and their crew together with VMR staff for their valuable contribution to the rescue of the skipper and passengers of the “Impara 2”.

Firstly, to the commercial cray boats and charter vessels “MOJO”, “PROVIDENCE II”, “SAPHIRE” and “KON-DIOS III”, their respective skippers Kane KROLLIG, Peter HOLLAND, Jimmy WATERS and Lance EYDEN, and their respective crews, who each heeded the call for assistance, launching their respective vessels into heavy seas to help search the areas around Favourite and Boulanger Islands until the search was called off.

Secondly to the Fisheries vessel “PV LESUEUR” and its skipper Raymond WORRALL and to the Jurien Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue Crew, Mr Graham LATTER, Mr Eddie CARNEGIE and Mr Wayne HARSTON who were on board and completed the rescue.

Like other vessels on the day, Ray was on his days off when the Jurien Bay VMR rang requesting assistance from the Fisheries boat.

And finally, to the staff of the Jurien Bay Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue Unit,

Ms Chrissy Heu and Ms Jan Ackland who both managed the large volume of communications, search intelligence and coordination during this rescue, providing a valuable and close over-watch over the vessels deployed into the search area on that day. Congratulations to everyone involved.

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