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Recreational Vessel Safety Equipment Changes

Changes to recreational vessel safety equipment requirements in WA:

The Department of Transport has advised that new safety equipment laws for recreational vessels are coming. After a 5-year review of safety equipment requirements, laws are set to become simpler and stronger to keep people safe on the water in WA. Changes are planned to be implemented for the 2022/23 boating season including:

  • Simplifying safety equipment requirements for registrable and non-registrable vessels.

  • Carriage of lifejackets on all registerable vessels in all waters.

  • Mandatory wearing of lifejackets more than 400m from shore in unprotected waters dependant on age and vessel size.

  • Transitioning to GPS enabled EPIRBs and personal locator beacons.

  • EPIRBs or PLBs will become mandatory for all vessels more than 400m from shore in unprotected waters.

Current rules for non-registerable vessels including paddle craft, kite surfers, sailboards and small sailing craft will remain largely unchanged.

When will the new laws come into play? This timeline is dependent on a number of factors and DoT will keep the community informed along the way. Some of the new laws will have transitional periods. For example, 27 MHz radios will be phased out over five years.

Further information can be obtained via DoT’s website Safety equipment review and if you have a question please email The Marine Safety Hotline is 13 11 56.

On Friday, 15th October 2021 at 1100 hrs Rescue One was deployed to Dynamite Bay, Greenhead with Mike, Wayne, Chrissy and Graham Latter onboard to support our Leeman VMR. Arriving at the location a grid search was conducted with Pete from Skydive Jurien Bay providing air support until Perth air support arrived. There were also other vessels assisting. Recovery was made so a BIG THANK YOU to Air support, (Skydive Jurien Bay and Perth) all vessels and also the Water Police as well as radio operators from Leeman VMR (Phil) and Jurien VMR (Allan) and the Leeman crew members Ray and Terry. Well done to everyone involved.

On the 6th October, our group members had an eventful day commencing with a call out at 0800 to assist a boatie nearly 4 nautical miles west with the motor unable to start. The boatie was also in a very dangerous position with their anchor rope severed by the reef and the boat drifting towards the reef. Our crew were advised and ready to be deployed but the vessel’s motor eventually started. The boatie returned safely to the Marina and is now registering as a Boat Member. A huge thank you to our Crew - Wayne, Chris Davies and Brook Lawson.

At 1136 our crew was deployed for a tow-in recovery in front of Favourite Island. The vessel had electrical problems and was towed safely back into the Marina with Crew Wayne, Chrissy and Brook Lawson. Well done to Brook, who is one of our new crew members and managed two deployments in the one day!!

At 1322 a vessel was overdue and did not respond to frequent calls on 16/21 VHF and phone calls/texted messages to their mobile. Thankfully they finally arrived late but safely. Thanks to our radio operator Julie. Just a reminder to boaties that it is a very good idea to set an alarm on your phone or watch for the return time you gave to the Marine Rescue Group that you have logged on with – so we don’t have to start looking for you when you are overdue! If you want to stay out longer – no problem – just give us a call to update your ETR and any change of location if relevant.

On 13th October Ted Bown and Chrissy ventured up to Dongara Marine to take a Ferno spinal board to be installed in the void of our Rescue 2. The prima has been applied but it is not ready to be launched yet. Hopefully it will be ready for our “Blessing of the Fleet” at the Marina on the 13th November 2021 at 1045 am for all vessels to attend or before the 11th November as our Bosun, Mike, goes on a well-deserved holiday.

A big thank you to Ted Bown for helping to install the tonneau cover on our RAM. The front seat covers were easy to install however the back seat which cannot be lowered to fit the covers was a challenge! Thank you again Ted and also our wonderful Treasurer, Carla, for organising mats / dash mat / seat covers and tonneau cover.

On the 12th October our Committee Members had the pleasure of meeting and welcoming our new Jurien Bay Police Officer-In-Charge, Sergeant Kevin Bearcroft. Welcome to Jurien Bay Kevin. We hope you and your Family will be happy in our beautiful little town! We also look forward to you joining our wonderful team when you've had a chance to settle in.

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