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Rescue 1 - First Call Out

On Monday, 29 May 2023 our brand-new Rescue 1 Vessel had its first call out just three days after she arrived at her new home!! We were contacted by phone at 1110 by a boatie needing assistance after his vessel's propeller was damaged.

Rescue 1 was deployed at 1138 heading between Boullanger Island and Essex Rocks and was on the scene very quickly - taking the vessel under tow by 1148, and re-entering the Marina at 1205. A great job by our boat crew of Mike Cockburn (Skipper) and Craig Hamann, with Raelene and Carla monitoring the radio at the Tower. The grateful boatie then very kindly dropped off some very welcome refreshments for our hard-working volunteers to enjoy. A big thank you to Scott! Well done everyone.

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