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Rescue 1 "Ocean Watch" First Incident

Our new Rescue 1 vessel had her first call out on the afternoon of Monday, 31 July 2023.  At 1630 hours “Ocean Watch” was deployed with senior skippers Mike Cockburn and Craig Hamann on board to attend four people who had been involved in an incident.  Their small runabout had been rolled over by a large wave near Pumpkin Hollow and all four ended up in the water amongst huge breakers.   The four persons were rescued safely and brought to the boat ramp pontoon, where they were met by St John Ambulance Jurien Bay.  One person had suspected hypothermia and the other three persons were checked for minor injuries and mild hypothermia.


The crew went back out and righted the vessel, which was towed back to the Jurien Bay Marina.   Special thanks to Ray Worrall from Fisheries and his crew for their assistance.   A big thank you also to St John Ambulance for their attendance.


Please wear your life jackets and ensure you have all the required safety equipment!!!     This incident could have ended up a lot worse.  


Photo Credit - Department of Transport

A timely reminder to all Boaties to:

  • Check the marine weather report and ensure you and your boat are suited to the prevailing conditions.  Are warnings current for your boating area?   Are there weather conditions affecting safe navigation and comfort?  What are the wind trends?  What are the wave conditions?   When is the next high and low tide?

  • Be aware that wind gusts can be 40% stronger and maximum waves may be twice the height of what is forecast;

  • Ensure you have the required safety equipment (life jackets, flares, EPIRB) for the area you intend to go;

  • Ensure you have sufficient fuel and water.   Aim to carry 50 percent more fuel than you expect to use;

  • Log on and off with us!!   Play it safe and use our services, or at least tell a relative or friend of your boating plans.


We would like to congratulate Eve Trutwein who was awarded the National Medal at the official launch of “Ocean Watch” on 15 July.   This is a well-deserved honour and is a reflection of Eve’s 16 years commitment, dedication and service to our Group and the wider community, both at the Marine Rescue Tower and as a Home Base radio operator.   Thank you Eve for your huge contribution.


The National Medal recognises long and diligent service by members of recognised Government and Voluntary Organisations that risk their lives or safety to protect or assist the community in enforcement of the law or in time of emergency or natural disaster.   This includes Government organisations such as ambulance, correctional, emergency, fire and police forces and voluntary organisations such as life saving or search and rescue groups.   The National Medal is Australia’s most awarded civilian medal.

Congratulations again Eve!!


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