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Rescue Skipper (Restricted) Block Training

Volunteers from Marine Rescue Carnarvon, Geraldton, Port Denison and Jurien Bay attended a 4-day Rescue Skipper (Restricted) Block training in Geraldton from Friday 5 to Monday 8 May, 2023. DFES Trainer Assessors, District Officer, Simon Miller and Marine Rescue Geraldton, Volunteer Training Officer, Ian Astill ran the training.

The four days of training covered the following DFES Training Courses:

1. Marine Regulations 1

2. Marine Navigation Intermediate

3. Vessel Operations 1

4. Seamanship 3

Participants spent three days in the classroom and then a full day on the water commencing at 1000 hrs with them returning to berth at 2000 hrs on their last night. All practical assessments were completed on both Marine Rescue Geraldton’s Rescue Vessel’s “Nashira” and “Mimosa” which involved night time navigation, transiting through the Geraldton shipping channels and within the Batavia Marina and the Fishing Boat Harbour.

Credit: Story and Photos - DFES

Congratulations to all attendees including our two – Mike Cockburn and Craig Hamann – and a huge THANK YOU to Simon and Ian for organising and delivering the training.

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