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The BEST AWARD EVER was presented by our Group at the AGM to our brave and fearless leader, Chrissy Heu!

During the rescue in May this year of three men whose yacht had overturned in horrendous conditions in the middle of the night, our Chrissy had a rather urgent but VERY UNTIMELY "call of nature" while she and skipper Mike were searching for the yacht! Our Rescue Vessels are only equipped with a bucket for these occasions - so can you imagine how difficult it must have been balancing over a bucket in 5m swells, waves crashing on deck and with a howling gale blowing?!?!

Well, somehow Chrissy managed this amazing feat. Sharon Stiles, who was the radio operator on duty, based at home, heard the story and thought that Chrissy deserved a 'special award'. Sharon spent considerable time sourcing the internet and other outlets for the appropriate trophy that would reflect the occasion!!! Sharon then consulted Mike for his assistance in turning the trophy into a worthy highly-prized award which would be the envy of all Marine Rescue Crews throughout the world!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Chrissy on your hard earned trophy! We are all very proud of you!!!

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