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We have a new toy!!!

Our new ROIP (radio over internet) Radio System went live on Friday evening, 23 September 2022. Thank you to Butch for getting the monster 150kg, 2100x600x600mm rack easily and safely upstairs at the tower with your Hiab - and thanks to our wonderful Vollies Mike, Kaleb, Brook, Pat, Dolly, Chrissy, Carla and Toby for providing either the muscle power or the moral support to get the job done. Well done and thank you to everyone. There will be NO CHANGE to how boaties log on/off with Marine Rescue Groups in WA, however we do ask you to be patient with our Radio Operators as we get used to the new technology! If you have any problems logging on or off, please phone our tower on 9652 1950.

A huge thank you again to Butch and his trusty Hiab, Mike, Kaleb, Brook, Pat, Dolly, Chrissy, Carla and Toby.

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