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Well done Commander Chrissy

Congratulations to our esteemed Commander Chrissy Heu for her nomination in the Shire of Dandaragan Outstanding Citizen of the Year Awards held in Badgingarra last night, 8 February 2022.

With six very deserving nominations for this award, it must have been a very difficult decision for the judges. Although Chrissy was not the winner this year, she is certainly a winner in our eyes!

Congratulations to Jade Stoney from Dandaragan who won the Outstanding Citizen of the Year and Brock Kilmurray (also from Dandaragan) who won Outstanding Young Citizen of the Year.

Chrissy works tirelessly for our Marine Rescue Jurien Bay Group and also for the Jurien Bay community as a whole. She has been an active volunteer with our group since 2005, being a radio operator, home base operator, boat crew member, skipper, past Deputy Commander and Commander since 2014. As well as her enormous workload with Marine Rescue, Chrissy also volunteers with Jurien Bay Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service and was a past volunteer with the St John Ambulance Service.

The Commander's phone is pretty much strapped to her body, as Chrissy is on call 24/7! Chrissy is also our Group’s Peer Support Officer where she does a fantastic job of making sure that everyone in our Group is “travelling ok”, not only after Search and Rescue incidents, but also in members private lives - THANK YOU Chrissy for your wealth of knowledge, support and advice!

Chrissy is an energetic and inclusive leader, being well respected by the Group and our community - her favourite saying is "There is no I in Team" - Chrissy never accepts accolades just for herself - she always acknowledges the team behind her saying "you guys make me look good". Well Chrissy - YOU make us look good - CONGRATULATIONS on your very much deserved Outstanding Citizen of the Year nomination - YOU ROCK!!!

Chrissy’s response:

Hi Everyone. Thanks to everyone for their Congratulations and Best Wishes and also to the awesome nominees Brock Kilmurray, Graeme Wilson, Pauline Ward, Malcolm Wilkins, Geoffrey Williams and Jade Stoney. The Winners were Brock Kilmurray and Jade Stoney.

I would like to really acknowledge and thank Dolly Lucas and Carla Reger who wrote that “out of this world“ citation on me, it was unbelievable and I had no idea of the conspiracy until it was announced at our Christmas function last year with a few of our members in on it.

I would like to thank Jurien Skydivers for the loan of their bus and our driver Valerie Boucher. A big thank you also to the Badgingarra locals who made us welcome, and the lovely spread that was put on for us all to enjoy. Many thanks also to the Shire of Dandaragan (Robyn Headland) for arranging the event which is a very big task.

Thank you also to our inspirational guest speaker on the night, Mandeline Anderson, who talked on her life skills in coping with everyday experiences. This was very well received and her mum being present for the first time at her presentation was very special. Mandeline spoke to the audience “free flowing” with no notes used. Truly wonderful. Well done Mandeline.

A big thank you to all past and present Members of Marine Rescue Jurien Bay for walking beside me and together.

Also, our local community, Boat Members, Jurien Bay Fisheries, Leeman VMR, Lancelin VMR for their support and our Simon Miller, District Officer Marine-Midwest Gascoyne, Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Thank You All.


Some comments received in response to the above:

  • Congratulations Chrissy, what an achievement and to be acknowledged for your leadership, mentoring and tirelessly dedication, you are our inspiration to us all, and on top of that being so modest, what a lady congratulations.

  • Well done Chrissy, you truly are dedicated and valued.

  • Congratulations Chrissy well done. You are an inspiration to all you come in contact with.

  • Congrats Chrissy, such a humble caring volunteer treasured by all who know you. Our grateful thanks for your dedication to our community both with rescue and formally St John's Ambulance.

  • An inspiration to our community. Well done Chrissy.

  • Chrissy is a winner and always will be. She does so much that no one else sees. Thank you. Chrissy.

  • Yahoo well deserved.

  • Well done Chrissy, you are a great leader of the group.

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