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A message to Rock Lobster Fishers

Attention Rock Lobster Fishers - An important message from Ray Worrall, Fisheries WA.

It’s that time of year again – get ready to start using weighted pot ropes from 1 April to reduce whale entanglements. Hang the top half of the rope vertically in the water when fishing with more than 20m of rope, to minimise the risk of gear entanglements with migrating humpback whales and reduce the loss of fishing gear from other boats. If you are no longer fishing for lobster, it’s a good time to pull your pots and get them out of the water. Pots left out can become a navigational hazard to whales and boats, and cause marine pollution, both in the water or by washing up on the beach. These pot ropes are in place until 31 October. Check the rules here:

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