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Happy Halloween

Not only is Chrissy Heu our amazing Commander, but she is always planning and thinking of events that involve our community, like Life Jacket Clinics and flare demonstrations, Easter raffles, Xmas lights, fund-raising garage sales. Well, 31 October came around and Chrissy turned her house and front lawn into a huge "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" for our Group!!

Mums, Dads and children of all ages arrived at Lesueur Drive where Raelene and Eve entertained the kids big and small!

Even the parents looked fantastic especially the bear and skeleton - well done to everyone!

Big thanks again to Lawrence Newnham for dashing to IGA for extra candy supplies! There were laughs and squeals of delight from all around with drinks and a sausage available for those who needed refreshments.

Thank you to Ron and Lawrence for their kind donations, some in pounds, so what a bonus!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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