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Successful Rescues, Training and Flares

On Saturday, 9 April, our tower was notified by the Water Police of an EPIRB activation off North Head. Rescue 2 (“Bay Watch”) was deployed and three persons were located in the water and taken back to the Marina to meet the ambulance. Unfortunately, the boat sank and couldn’t be recovered. All three persons were wearing life jackets.

The emergency helicopter was deployed and St Johns Jurien Bay also assisted.

Well done to our Skipper Mike, crew Wayne, Eddie and Chris and Allan (radio operator) - awesome job everyone - and also to the Ambos and RAC helicopter paramedics. The boaties were wearing their life jackets and had activated their EPIRB, all of which played a big part in their survival.

Craig Hamann (front), Michael Burdon and Wayne (Skipper)

On Friday, 15 April Rescue 1 (“Crikey) was deployed for training at 0900 with Wayne (Skipper), Chrissy, Mike Burdon and new member, Craig Hamann, onboard. Well done everyone!

Later in the afternoon at 1755 hours, Rescue 1 was deployed again with Mike Cockburn, Chrissy and Michael Burdon onboard heading south of Favourite Island where a five-metre vessel with 3 adults and 2 children in board, had lost steering on the reef. With awesome manoeuvring by Mike trying to get close to the anchored vessel and Michael’s good throwing arm with the tow rope, they were able to secure the vessel. They were then advised to cut the anchor rope off due to it being stuck on the reef. The occupants were safely towed back to the marina. A huge thank you to our radio operator, Wayne Harston. A great outcome for all involved.

Later still, at 2237 hours (10.37 pm at night) we were notified of a flare sighting at Cervantes. Rescue 1 was deployed with Mike, Chrissy, Graham Latter and Eddie Carnegie on board. During transit the crew was stood down at 2340 hours and returned to Jurien to their warm beds.

The sighting was the result of people thinking it was fun to let off flares on the beach at Cervantes. It is NOT fun. Flares should only ever be used in an emergency situation to save lives!!

We are ALL VOLUNTEERS at Marine Rescue, who give up our personal time, holidays, sleep, time away from our families any time of the day and night, 365 days of the year, and often risk our lives in treacherous conditions on the ocean. We don’t need selfish or unthinking individuals making our job any harder by setting off flares just for fun! Please think about and look after the individuals and rescue organisations who are looking out for and keeping you and your loved ones safe – and do the right thing.

Keep your flares safely locked up when not on the ocean (especially during holiday times) and educate your children and those around you about the true lifesaving emergency use only purpose of flares. Falsely indicating distress rightly carries a severe penalty, but it also wastes a lot of time and resources – possibly weakening the ability to respond to a genuine emergency.

Out of date flares and EPIRBS can be disposed of at our Marine Rescue Jurien Bay Tower at the end of Breakwater Drive, 7 days a week.

A reminder to all our Jurien Bay Boat Members – please make sure that you are using your allocated Boat Call Sign. If in doubt, please give our tower a call. Recently we have had a few boaties using the wrong call sign. If there is an emergency on the water we won’t know details of the vessel and owner. Please check that your call sign is correct.

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