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Thank you letter from Dick at Grey

Our Group received a lovely "thank you" letter from Dick down at Grey following his recent rescue in quite nasty conditions, and he wanted us to publish it. As a long-time supporter of Marine Rescue Jurien Bay, we are so happy that we could help you in your time of need Dick. Thank goodness you had logged on! Thanks also go to Dick for his generous donation towards our new floating pontoon jetty - very much appreciated! Well done to the crew of 'Bay Watch' and the tower radio operators who participated in the rescue!

“Dear Chrissy and crew, thanks for the rescue after my recent capsize. I have learned some important lessons, including:

(a) that as you get older your reaction speed to things like big waves threatening to capsize your boat get slower and as a result boating gets riskier, and

(b) always make sure that your EPIRB and flares are tied into your boat, otherwise after a capsize they may float away. Am thankful that a couple of golden rules were followed, being (a) always log on, and

(b) always stay with your boat.

From Dick at Grey”

Thank you Dick - we are all glad that it ended well.

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