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Visiting Boats


Marine Rescue Jurien Bay encourages you to utilise our radio and control room facilities. If you have any trouble at sea we are here to assist.

It is good practice to log on with us every time you leave the marina, no matter how short your trip.

You can also log on with us if you are leaving from Grey, Cervantes, Green Head or anywhere in between.

When you log on with us, please remember to log off.

We hope you enjoy your stay in our region and wish you safe boating.

Information Required

The Water Police require us to collect the following information from you when you log on.

  • Marine and harbour number (boat registration)

  • Car or trailer registration number

  • Local contact number, preferably mobile number of someone on board

Once you have logged on with us, we will keep this information on file, and you will not have to provide it the next time you log on.

Alternatively, for a small fee you can show your support and become a boat member. More information: boat members

Visiting Boat Form

This form is designed for Police and Emergency services to have a record of your holiday address and home contact details should an incident occur. This form is not compulsory, but we request you complete the details to assist Police & Emergency Services in providing the best quality of service.

Visiting Boat Form.

Radio Procedure

For information about the correct radio procedure to use when logging on and off, go here -


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